At OMS we are committed to improving the lives of people with MS by providing the tools to enable recovery

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis

OMS is a positive lifestyle program that aims to help people live long, healthy lives without the usual problems associated with multiple sclerosis. OMS is based on rigorous scientific research and offers the real potential for people with MS to recover, using relatively simple mainstream secondary and tertiary prevention with appropriate modification of lifestyle risk factors.

Enjoy a long and healthy life

There is every reason to hope for a long and healthy life for those just diagnosed with MS. For those with disability, there is the real potential to slow or completely stop the progression of the illness. For some, multiple sclerosis symptoms will improve. We also offer evidence-based recommendations for preventing the development of MS in those at risk. For many people, visiting this website is their first step in a journey to regaining their health, with the potential to genuinely heal and overcome the illness. Good luck on the journey, you have our support.

Be well

Remaining well after a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is more than just a possibility. The medical literature has considerable evidence, much of it now published from our own OMS research team, that MS is a modern, lifestyle disease of developed countries and that lifestyle changes can modify its course. These therapies have been extensively researched and offer exciting possibilities for controlling the illness and preventing disability.

Empowering people with MS

This program aims to empower people to overcome multiple sclerosis and enjoy a healthy life. The OMS website provides:

  • Lifestyle recommendations for overcoming MS and maintaining an active, balanced life
  • A community forum for sharing experiences of overcoming multiple sclerosis
  • Blogs, podcasts, tweets and news on OMS activities
  • A summary of scientific information about multiple sclerosis: causes, incidence, genetics, signs, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis, and the best medical research about the available therapies
  • Updates on new research that passes rigorous scrutiny.

Rigorous science

The OMS program is founded on a rigorous scientific assessment of the medical literature. OMS was developed by Professor George Jelinek MD when he was diagnosed with MS in 1999, and subsequently refined and improved as further research has been published. Prof Jelinek has now been relapse-free for 15 years, is fit and well, and leads a full and active life. Many others have done the same.

OMS is independent and free of significant financial conflicts of interest. It is not supported by drug companies or product sales. It keeps abreast of medical advances to best support people with multiple sclerosis to recover.

- Professor George Jelinek MD

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How to start Overcoming MS

Find out more about the recommendations for maintaining an active, balanced life:

This handy summary of the OMS program can be printed as a pocket guide (PDF format)

Eat well, be active, stay balanced