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To beat multiple sclerosis forget about grieving and be determined

Ever since, Dr, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross wrote about the five stages of grieving (denial and isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance), well-meaning advice givers have been advising those with multiple sclerosis (MS) to take time to grieve and to learn to cope with what is certain to be a difficult future ahead. If you have received this advice and are frightened half to death, it is helpful to remember there is plenty of hard evidence that this well-meaning advice is the worst advice any newly diagnosed person can get. Even if you have had MS for years, as I have, this advice is lousy.

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Similarities between Swank and Zamboni’s theories

The Professor considers the parallels between Swank’s basic research work and that of Zamboni, both of whom have concluded that MS is a vascular disease, with leakage of blood around small veins; in Swank’s study he went further to show that this was caused by saturated fat interrupting the blood brain barrier and could be […]

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Why is eating right considered “alternative” medicine?

For some reason, it is the accepted wisdom that “conventional” medicine consists of pills, injections, infusions and even surgery, while adhering to a restricted diet, exercising and meditation are “alternative” medicine. It’s funny that we are all attuned to the risks of “chemicals” ON our bodies, but give virtually no thought to the vast majority of substances we put INTO our bodies every day – our food.

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Review of Swank’s work on varying fat intakes with MS

The Professor looks at Swank’s Multiple Sclerosis Diet Book and is once again amazed at the research evidence supporting a low saturated fat diet in MS; here particularly he reviews the death rates from MS in people with varying fat intakes in Swank’s study.

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